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- Extend your customer portfolio
- Diversify your distribution networks
- Launch new products
- Develop or renew your range of wines & spirits
- Find new suppliers
- Search for a specific product

- Have a complete catalogue of your products
- Increase your Internet exposure
- Simplify trade with your customers

- To help you in your export development
- To ease your way of communication
- To allow you be to understood by your partners

- Stay up-to-date with the latest developments
- Put present and future trends in perspective
- Simplify your research process

Since its creation the Pro-Wine e-marketplace has developed from a mainly French market focus to a large number of worldwide companies that connect by means of offers and requests for wines and spirits put online on Pro-Wine. Contacting different companies from various parts of the world can sometimes be a challenge because of language barriers. Pro-Wine is constantly trying to provide tools to make it easier for you to develop new contacts in an efficient way, and it is in this purpose that we created the Translation Service.

Whenever you need to contact a company or when you are contacted by someone and want to pursue this contact, but you encounter these languages barriers its always best to double check that all the discussed terms were completely and accurately understood by all parts involved.

How does it work?
- contact the Pro-Wine team to discuss your requirements and establish all the details
- translations are done agents specialized in the language of wine and spirits and fluent in French, English, Spanish, Italian and Russian
- the translation is then checked for content, grammar, spelling, and accent accuracy
- finally the translation is proof-read
- the end-result is an accurate message/content appearing to have been originally written in that language.

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