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- Extend your customer portfolio
- Diversify your distribution networks
- Launch new products
- Develop or renew your range of wines & spirits
- Find new suppliers
- Search for a specific product

- Have a complete catalogue of your products
- Increase your Internet exposure
- Simplify trade with your customers

- To help you in your export development
- To ease your way of communication
- To allow you be to understood by your partners

- Stay up-to-date with the latest developments
- Put present and future trends in perspective
- Simplify your research process

On the Pro-Wine Marketplace you can find offers and requests posted by companies from around the world active in the wine industry.
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Product name Type Location Vintage Color
Bordeaux rouge 2007 qual... Wine France 2007 Red
partenariat Association... Wine France All *
Château grenet Wine France 2010 Red
PETREA negre 2005 Wine Spain 2005 Red
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Product name Type Location Vintage Color
Recherche Bordeaux RGE M... Wine France All Red
Bordeaux Clairet Wine France All Rosé
acquisto vini francesi e... Spirits France All *
Wines Wine Ukraine All *
vino loco Wine United States 2002 Red
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